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November 17, 2017
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November 21, 2017

A public address system gives you an immediate way to address everyone at a given location. Even though it’s a more traditional form of communicating to large groups of people, it still offers advantages over modern formats.

  1. Public address systems easily cut through background noise: chatter, music, even loud local noises. Not only this, people tend to quiet down when they hear an announcement over a public address system. There’s some peer pressure here. People perceive there’s information that everyone next to them is about to hear, and they don’t want to be left out. This means a public address system can quickly and effectively capture attention.
  2. Whatever the speaker’s voice, that effect of capturing attention is the same. Having a good voice over loudspeaker is a bonus, but it isn’t crucial. This means that soft voices, shy voices, whatever it might be, will still come across to people as informational in nature. A stronger voice is a benefit, especially when announcing sales, but the public address system does the majority of the work when it comes to boosting voice and how your voice is perceived.
  3. You can text blast an area with a notification, but this tends to annoy customers, guests, and attendees. It also feels like a violation of privacy. Many people maintain very private settings on their phones. This means they won’t even get the text, and if they do, they’ll feel angry that their mobile device has been used this way. This also assumes that people have their devices on them and turned on. A public address system feels informative instead of invasive, and people will much more readily accept it.
  4. A public address system is relatively easy to maintain. The technology has become modernized and installation can be done with a minimal footprint. Maintenance is straightforward, and someone can be trained to operate the system with ease. We even help you and your employees learn PA system training when we do our installations. We know PA system training on the front end will make sure you get the most out of your equipment.