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November 20, 2017
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November 22, 2017

Choosing a CCTV system means selecting from a number of different options. There are so many options because every location has different needs and every camera installation is capturing footage of a unique angle. Here are some crucial CCTV questions to ask your installer:


  1. Do you recommend IP or analog cameras?

Analog systems use a traditional approach of capturing footage to a DVR system. They possess some limitations compared to modern IP systems. IP means Internet Protocol, and these cameras capture at much higher resolutions that allow you to see greater detail. This can make the difference between identifying a suspect or not. IP cameras can also cover a greater angle than analog, and have fewer installation restrictions.


  1. Will the CCTV system cover your potential scenarios?

You’re installing CCTV because you have a need for it. That means you have scenarios in mind that the CCTV system needs to cover. Don’t keep these quiet. Present them to your CCTV installer. Make sure that they can fulfill what you need them to do – from isolating high-detail headshots to capturing license plates in low light. You know what you need the CCTV system to accomplish, so make sure your installer knows this, too.


  1. What is your experience in computer networking?

You don’t want an installer who just follows a few installation steps. That won’t help you utilize your CCTV system to its fullest potential. You need an installer who works with computer networking. We’ve installed computer networking, IP-driven devices, and infrastructure cabling for many sites, so we know how to tailor a system exactly for the business that needs it. This kind of bespoke approach to CCTV installation is a huge benefit to you.


  1. What is the warranty coverage?

Know your cameras’ and system’s warranty. For that matter, know what kind of service you’ll get, including training. Choosing a CCTV system can be tough, so business owners sometimes forget to ask about support. When we install CCTV systems, we include warranty, provide regular servicing and maintenance, and even help train you and your personnel in how to operate the system effectively.

These are just a few CCTV questions to ask, but they can make the difference between struggling with a system and truly mastering it. Make sure you always ask what you need to know.