How Does Alarm Monitoring Help My Business?
November 16, 2017
Advantages of a Public Address System
November 20, 2017

Some of the benefits of an alarm monitoring service are obvious. You get an automated emergency response capability for your business. If something goes wrong when you’re not there, the monitoring service can still dispatch fire, police, medical, and other personnel when appropriate. Someone is looking out for the safety and security of your business overnight, on days when it’s closed, and even when your employees need their health and safety guarded. Yet some benefits are less obvious. Let’s cover these:


Insurance Savings

You can save on insurance premiums by installing and maintaining an alarm monitoring service. Insurance companies know your business, personnel, location, and products are better guarded against fire and theft. You’re better guarded against liability. That means they’re better guarded against all these things in their insurance coverage of your business. They also know situations are more likely to be resolved more quickly, and with more evidence. That gives them peace of mind. Alarm monitoring often means you’ll get a discount in your insurance premiums.


Visible Theft Deterrent

A visible alarm system can serve as a theft deterrent in and of itself. Most thefts are crimes of opportunity – they focus where the risk is low and the reward is comparatively high. If it’s obvious that you’re better guarded than other businesses, then your location won’t be viewed as a crime of opportunity. Not only does an alarm monitoring service provide you better response to a theft, it actually acts as an active deterrent to one.


Direct Emergency Contact

You can use an alarm panel to directly contact emergency services, or to trigger a panic button or silent alarm. This allows you options that provide you flexibility for handling a range of different emergency situations that may arise.


Remote Activation

Alarm monitoring means that you can activate and de-activate the alarm remotely. This is useful for when something unexpected comes up in the middle of the night or when you’re out of town. It allows you to let an employee in without having to get dressed and troop on down in the middle of the night. You don’t have to give the employee the code, either. You can just remote de-activate the alarm, and re-activate it when the employee’s done.