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Creating Mass Notification Messages That Work

A mass notification system is the perfect way to notify your employees and customers in the event of an emergency, but it’s not enough to simply have a system installed. Instead, understanding how you might use it in an emergency is a must, and these tips can help you craft the right messages.

• Write Your Scripts Now: It’s not possible to know why you’re going to use your mass notification system every time, but it is possible to craft several messages in advance. Create a few templates and scripts that can be customized on an incident by incident basis so you can get your message out as quickly as possible.

• Keep it Short: Any message you craft needs to be less than thirty seconds in length. Almost anyone should be able to understand it too. Shoot for a message that works for those reading at a fifth grade level to be sure most people can understand it in case of an emergency.

• Include as Much Information As Possible: You want to let people know who the message is from, what the emergency is, and where to find more information. That will keep people from contacting emergency numbers when they’re just trying to get information. Make sure your tone is as reassuring as possible.

• Use The Same Person: If you’re using a person to read your mass notification scripts instead of a computer, try to have the same person record every single message. It helps create a level of continuity for listeners.

If you don’t currently have a mass notification system in place, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.