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November 15, 2017
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4 Less Obvious Benefits of an Alarm Monitoring Service
November 17, 2017

Alarm monitoring for business is a straightforward concept that can increase your security and peace of mind. It works very similarly to how alarm monitoring works for a home, except it can cover a far more extensive range of alerts and options.


How it Works

Alarm monitoring communicates automatically to the monitoring station of your security provider. It describes the type of event and the monitoring station communicates this to the appropriate authorities. You’ll be contacted regarding the event so that you’re aware of it. This allows you to respond and get to your business to help address the situation.

With a typical set-up, the first call goes to you. This way you can provide more detail about the alarm or tell them if it’s a false alarm. They’ll respond accordingly. If they can’t get hold of you, they’ll notify the appropriate emergency services. A burglar alarm will route to the police, a smoke alarm to the fire department, a medical alert to EMS, etc.


Customization & Operations

You can set different alarm conditions for different situations, such as an immediate alarm without a confirmation call for certain types of emergencies, and a silent alarm for other conditions, just to name a few additional options. If employees are in direct harm, they can always enter a false disarm code that will appear to shut off the alarm while still notifying authorities. You can choose a simple alarm set-up or an in-depth approach with many different options.

You can always operate the alarm manually as well, either by canceling or triggering an alarm depending on your current need. This is done with a code, so only you can cancel or trigger the alarm. You can share this with managers or employees when appropriate, of course. This manual operation can include remote operation of the alarm as well. This way, if you forget to set it, you can do so from afar. If you’ve asked an employee to retrieve something from your business, you can disarm the alarm remotely for them without having to go to the location itself, and then re-arm it remotely when they notify you they’re done.

Alarm monitoring for business can keep your organization and personnel safer, and help you keep a better peace of mind when you’re away from operations.