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November 7, 2017
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November 9, 2017

Wedding services can benefit a great deal from digital signage. This includes the whole scope of services associated with a wedding, from planning to florist, from location to cake artist. Each job might want to advertise a little differently from the next, however. Here are several facets of digital signage for wedding services:

Wedding Planner

By featuring pictures of weddings you’ve provided services for, you can help instill confidence in couples looking to take the plunge. Make sure you display the full scope of your talents, from high-end, location-driven weddings to weddings with a more informal, personalized feel. Both are popular right now.

Wedding Venues

Make sure to feature images from a variety of angles. They should highlight the openness of a space. Use images that show a range of different designs. People like a space when they can visualize how they can personalize it for their own wedding. If it feels like it always looks the same, you’re creating a barrier. Feature how different it can be made to look from wedding to wedding, without losing the features that make the space so desirable.


Feature both traditional bouquets and highly personalized ones. In digital signage for florists, be willing to highlight your designs from two angles – choose the ones that look best in close-up, and the ones that look best across an entire space. These will often be different choices. Highlight the best of each.


You might like a particularly iconic shot, but don’t focus on your art more than the people in the shot. Remember to highlight smiling couples. Prospective clients want to focus on the feeling captured, not just the artistry of your shot.

Cake Artists

Keep it fun and light. Don’t try to show everything at once. Select full cakes, and intricate or personalized details. Go for what captures someone’s attention or makes them laugh and smile. Don’t just try to impress. Evoke feeling, too!

Focus on your specialty to encourage people to seek you out. A full picture of a wedding doesn’t highlight a floral arrangement or your cake. On the other hand, a floral arrangement alone doesn’t communicate that it’s for a wedding. In digital signage for wedding services, find a happy balance of shots, and make sure they aren’t always from the same distance. Lighting is everything. A beautiful detail in bad lighting is unattractive as a featured image. Your second-favorite detail in good lighting will always come across better.