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Long ago, you had to get a customer in the door to look at your craft. That means most of them were seeking your services in the first place. That leaves you cut off from a number of prospective buyers who might be interested in your talents, but aren’t actively seeking them out. Times have changed. Specialty services across the board can take advantage of digital signage. Digital signage for blacksmiths, leather workers, and silverworkers can be a lifeline.

Digital signage allows you to use an electronic display to feature your designs and products. You can update it regularly, featuring your latest projects and clients. By featuring clients and their reviews, you can offer a public sort of peer recommendation. Prospective clients are more likely to seek you out if they know others have had success with you in the past.

This can be particularly useful if you’ve worked with other businesses they trust. A blacksmith may have made a decorative gate for a local business. A leather worker may have restored an antique for a local reseller. A saddle maker may have made bespoke tack for a local stable. A silver worker may have done decorative work for a well-known hotel.

These are just examples, but by featuring work done for prior clients, other prospective clients will feel more confident in your talents. Not only this, but many prior clients will feel even more confident in your work. After all, you’re featuring them (and mentioning their business) in your advertisements. That builds relationships, and will drive them to seek you out for additional work in the future.

It can be tough to make your living in these specialties. There are few others who can do what you do, but demand for it can be inconsistent. One way to drive business is to feature your most beautiful designs on a digital sign. When you do, focus on a full design so that people can see the complete work. Then cut to closer images to show off the intricate details so that people can see the full range of your skills. Updating with your most recent work is easy. You just upload the image and text you want through software we’ll help show you how to use.