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Using Digital Signage to Feature Your Previous Work
November 6, 2017
digital signage
Boosting Wedding Services Through Digital Signage
November 8, 2017

Digital signage for architects can be a boon for your business in an age of fast-paced decision making. An architect’s office will only be sought out when word of your business has reached someone’s ears and eyes. That means being established, having connections, and developing inroads into very particular towns and businesses. While these aren’t steps you can skip, you can also get your accomplishments out there by featuring designs on a digital sign.


Towns and developers are always looking for alternate bids. A digital sign can help them become familiar with your ideas. This is especially effective in suburbs and small cities, where independent architects and small architectural firms are first finding their footing. It can also be effective in county seats, where developers of all sizes and those wishing to develop unincorporated areas must go to have certain decisions approved.

These areas are prime territory to feature a digital sign that advertises your architectural services. Such a display can feature your designs, your accomplished works, and information about your business. It can be a way to stick in the minds of developers and politicians as an additional potential option to seek out.


People prioritize peer recommendation when making decisions such as these, so featuring projects you’ve worked on before is key. This allows them to form their own opinion of the project and to inquire with your prior client’s what strengths you may offer their own project.

People tend to think of signage as a way of advertising to customers, but not to prospective clients. Real estate agencies have seen through this, much to their benefit. It’s time that small architectural firms shared in this advantage.

Digital signage for architects is relatively inexpensive. After factoring in costs for printing different versions of and maintaining a traditional sign, a digital sign may actually save you money. It’s also more eye-catching. If you’re independent and just finding your footing, you can also rent time on your sign to other businesses.