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Using Web Connectivity in Digital Signage
November 3, 2017
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Digital Signage for Architects
November 7, 2017

We’ve talked a lot about how digital signs can help advertise a product and attract new customers. Yet this approaches digital signage from a very effective retail angle. What if your business is slightly more specialized? What if you’re a real estate agency, or an architect? Digital signage for real estate and other specialized businesses can have a profound effect on both swaying customers and making them more confident in your services.

Digital Signage for Real Estate

For real estate, digital signage can feature exteriors and interiors of the best homes you’re buying and selling. These can be homes you’re currently buying and selling, or homes you’ve bought and sold in the past. Make sure you have permission to feature the home this way in your contract. Additionally, ensure that you feature a range of homes across the prospective buyers and sellers you hope to attract. Don’t just feature mansions, or buyers of modest income might be scared off. Feature the full range of homes you cover to show the full scope of your abilities to help people buy and sell.

Digital Signage for Design Services

Digital signage for design services covers a wide range of specialty designers. These services include architects, blacksmiths, wedding services. Anything that serves a specialized group of customers is in competition for those customers. Showing them your accomplishments visually before they walk in the door gives you a leg up on your would-be competitors.

Digital Signage for Health/Beauty Services

This is an obvious place where digital signage can make a difference. Digital signage for beauty services simply means showing beautiful hair styles, make-up, nails, or other services you’ve done. For health, it can be a little trickier. Take a dentist for instance. A safe route is featuring people with beautiful smiles. If you focus on fixing bad dental problems, featuring before and after pictures might make some uncomfortable, but it can capture the attention of people suffering those issues. For a route like this latter one, use your judgment. If you’re unsure, consult the people and other businesses that make up your community.

Digital signage for specialty businesses won’t just make people more interested in your business. Seeing what you’ve done before will also make them more confident in your skills before they’ve even walked in the door. If you use pictures of others, always make sure you have permission to use these in your advertising.