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Where is Digital Signage Used?
October 24, 2017
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How to Use Mosaic Signage in Creative Ways
October 26, 2017

In many ways, we’ve trained ourselves to pay attention to screens in ways we no longer pay attention to old-fashioned signs. We get information from our phones and do our work on computers. When scrolling text at the bottom of newscasts was first introduced, it was distracting. Now, we’ve learned to be able to read it while also listening to and watching what’s happening on screen. We have quicker eyes when it comes to digital information. We seek it out in public spaces. This is how digital signage gets a leg up on old-fashioned signs.

Brightness: This seems like a simple detail to highlight. Obviously, a screen is brighter than a wooden or plastic sign at night. Yet you can light up an old-fashioned sign, right? Sure…but our eyes still see the shadows on it. We tend to glance over it. Yet a digital sign’s brightness captures our attention. It’s not even that it’s brighter than a well-lit sign. A digital sign may mostly feature black space. It’s that there’s a greater contrast. An old-fashioned sign is lit to be visible in various shades of shadow. A digital sign creates its own light. We’re drawn to what it’s telling us in a way we aren’t to old-fashioned signs.

Changes: A digital sign can read differently with a few keystrokes. This allows you to stay incredibly current with your messaging. You can feature sales, congratulate local heroes, highlight an employee, or even feature a Yelp review. It retains its brightness, too, so you’re not slotting dingy old letters one-by-one to a dirty sign. Every change looks fresh and new.

More Information: Put simply, a digital sign can communicate far more information via scrolling text. This allows you to be able to hook customers in any number of ways. You can even keep one main message constantly showing while scrolling details (such as various sales) directly under it. This has the effect of making people slow down and want to read a sentence to the end. An old-fashioned sign can’t achieve this effect.

Talk to us more about your ideas for digital signage. There are a lot of ways digital signs can help highlight your brand and drive new business.