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October 23, 2017
digital sign
Why Does a Digital Sign Capture Our Attention So Easily?
October 25, 2017

You may be considering digital signage for your business. When you look at a new form of advertising, the first question that comes to mind is, “How do others use it?” You don’t want to be left behind when it comes to adopting new technology, but you also want to see where it’s been successful before. How have other businesses used it to further their brand and increase their business? Here are just a few of many industries that make use of digital signage:

Restaurants: Digital signage is very popular among restaurants, especially those that want to maintain a trendy vibe and continue to attract new customers.

Retail: Digital signage offers an easy way to communicate product and pricing information. It can also highlight and direct customers to sales and deals they might otherwise overlook.

Hotels: Digital signage is an easy way for hotels to announce events, whether they’re held at the hotel or nearby. They’re also a good way to trumpet recent awards.

Offices: Digital signage comes in many sizes – billboard size for outdoor use and smaller signs for indoor use. Digital lobby signage helps visitors find their way. Clients and business partners alike will feel they’re being taken care of by a modern, up-to-date company.

Banks: Customers can become frustrated as they wait to talk with someone. Digital signage can help them be informed of a variety of business details while waiting to engage with someone.

Schools/College Campuses: This is an easy way to get announcements out to the student body. It can also help highlight events and safety warnings in ways that are visually immediate. Digital signage spurs people to share information quickly, so it’s an effective way of getting the word out on important notifications.

Hospitals: Digital signage helps here in a geographic sense. It’s easy to get lost in a hospital, and digital signage is flexible enough to communicate complex directions quickly and concisely.

These are just a few examples. Digital signage is useful anywhere you need to catch someone’s attention for a new form of advertising or to communicate important information.