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Deciding Between Wired and Wireless CCTV Systems

Wireless technology has become tremendously capable in recent years. Yet is it capable of managing your CCTV and security camera system? Wireless CCTVs have many advantages, yet wired CCTVs are still the better choice for many businesses. It really depends on what your business, the coverage you need, and the installation you’d like.

Wireless CCTV Advantages

One big advantage of wireless CCTVs is that the install is incredibly quick. Running wires through the walls is the most time-intensive aspect of setting up a wired CCTV system. Eliminating this step streamlines the entire process. You can implement your CCTV system very swiftly.

Your system can also be altered fairly easily. If you’re planning to remodel or shift the layout of your building in any way, a wireless system can be shifted easily without having to run new wires. This also allows flexibility if you have a problem in a certain section and you’d like increases surveillance there.

This speedier installation can also help cut costs significantly.

Wired CCTV Advantages

Wired CCTV systems have greater effective range. A wireless system either needs to be in range of your security room, or it needs to be constantly boosted. Wired CCTV systems can range as far as we can run wire to it.

Interference isn’t a problem with wired CCTV. Wireless CCTVs can have their signal interfered with, interrupted, or blocked.

Wired CCTV is also more resistant to a cyber intrusion. Such intrusions are rare, but if you have a worry of this, wired CCTV is the better bet.

Either route you choose, CES helps you and your employees learn the system and how to manage it. CCTV systems can be incredibly flexible whether wireless or wired. They can both save your business a lot of potential lost costs while tightening security in a way few other security measures can.