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August 14, 2017
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Fire Safety at Bolingbrook’s Promenade

The Promenade is an incredible mall located in Bolingbrook. We were entrusted with designing and implementing the entire fire alarm system here.

Fire safety may seem pretty straightforward, but the Promenade demands extra considerations. These are 10 buildings making up the grounds. Eight of these contain multiple retail tenants – different shops that each need coordinated fire alarm implementation. The other two are large retailers: Macy’s Department Store and Bass Pro Shops.

The first thing we did is something we do for every job involving fire safety: we consulted the local fire protection district. This is important because every city and county has slightly different laws and requirements. These are needs that each local fire department is trained in – there are slight variations in notification and little nuances that help each local department do their job that much more efficiently.

Working across so many different cities and counties also means we pick up extra talents and strategies for implementation that we can add to ensure extra safety. Working with the local fire protection district also means less tax dollars wasted. By knowing and meeting every local requirement and preference, our submitted designs passed the very first time. This means fewer meetings and fewer back-and-forths for your government officials.

Coordination across different spaces is crucial – when one fire alarm triggers, you want every other shop in the building to trigger, and the other buildings on the grounds to be aware and trigger if needed. The fire alarm system can communicate exactly which shop triggered first, helping firefighters locate and deal with the fire immediately upon arrival. A good fire alarm system should be intelligent, and give information to firefighters that helps them stay safe, save lives, and quench the fire as soon as possible. We’re proud to have delivered a system that can do just that.