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July 21, 2017
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The Three Biggest Benefits of an Access Control System

You already know you want to improve security for your building. It’s the best way to help your employees feel a bit safer, and that’s a win for everyone. One way to do that is through an access control system installed by CES. Not sure you’re ready to go that far? Check out these potential benefits for your office now.

• It’s Completely Customizable. It’s possible you only want certain people in the building at certain times of the day. An access control system can help you do that. You could give your warehouse employees access to only one area of the building. you could also give your day employees access during the working day and your cleaning staff access at night. You get to decide who can go where with the right access control system.

• You Have Automatic Records: A good access control system can help you log almost everything, and that is essential when you’re trying to create better security. You’ll have a detailed record of who was in your building and when. You can learn more about when doors were opened or closed and what doors were opened. Should an investigation or proof of access ever be necessary, these records could be a great way to protect yourself.

• It Saves Money: Access control systems are a great way to save cash. There are several reasons for that. First, it is possible to install an access control system that can also work with an energy management system to help save on energy even if your cleaning team forgets to turn out the lights. Second, it could mean centralized control for your security team. Putting an individual on each door may not be the safest way for your team to operate. Access control systems mean you don’t have to have a person on each door. You can relocate them where it’s necessary.