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Building a Better Business Voicemail Message

We install a number of business voicemail systems each year for companies just like yours, and while they’re a powerful way to connect with your customers and vendors even when you’re not available, the key to using one well is to craft a solid voicemail message. Believe it or not, customers don’t actually want to hear “Your call is very important to us,” when they phone you. It’s an overused phrase that actually pushes them away. How can you craft the best possible business voicemail message? These tips can help.

• Customers need two things from you when you’re making them leave a voicemail. They need to be thanked for calling and you need to apologize for missing them. If you can only craft a message that does one of those things, you’re in good shape. If you can find wording that does them both, though, you’re in a win-win situation.

• Make certain your greeting offers them plenty of information. Ensure they know they’ve reached the right individual at the right business. Let them know that they can leave a message. If you want them to reach you at a different number, let them know that too. If you plan to be out of the office for a few days, that may prove important information as well.

• Longer is not better in terms of voicemail messages. The longer it is, the higher the chance they’re going to hang up on you without leaving a message. Try to keep it as short as possible. Most experts will tell you to keep your message under thirty seconds.

• Think about why people call you. You may be getting calls from other business professionals seeking advice. You may also be getting calls from potential customers. If the number of potential customers who reach out to you is higher than the number of other people, you want to make certain the message you create is designed to retain those individuals.
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