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June 23, 2017
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June 27, 2017

A Good Sound System is Hard to Find

A question as simple as which speakers do you choose can make the difference between putting on a great show and putting on a mediocre one. You may think that all speakers are more or less the same – maybe a set that’s somewhat more expensive does a somewhat better job and so you figure these are good enough.

A Few Examples of Amateur Mistakes

Yet this isn’t the case. You can get a great full range speaker that covers ranges from 60 Hz to 18 kHz. That covers a wide range, right? Well, yes, but if you’re hosting a rock band this alone could be problematic. You have a huge gap at lower frequencies that subwoofers need to cover. This makes a fuller sound for instruments like the bass and drums.

Now what about placing those subwoofers. You want a stereo effect, so you should place them all around the room, right? Not exactly. This can create what are called null points. Here, frequencies will actually completely cancel each other out. You’ve actually set the space up so that the subwoofers cancel their effect away.

It can often be more valuable to group your subwoofers. By doing this, you can actually create a boost in the SPL, or sound pressure levels. Double up subwoofer and you gain a 3 dB increase, for instance. This carries with distance, which mean you can project that volume boost further back into the space. Of course, the trade-off for this is that the subwoofers will lose impact further back in the space.

Expertise is Needed

For this kind of specificity, you need someone able to coordinate and map out exactly how sound will carry in a space. There’s a lot more math to it than which speakers do you choose. Our sound reinforcement specialists have union and manufacturing training, and have created unique sound reinforcement systems everywhere from enclosed venues to outdoor baseball stadiums. They create customized sound reinforcement systems that are unique to each space’s requirements and needs. The focus is creating an enduring system that gives your attendees or audience the best and most complete experience – which keeps them coming back for more.