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September 18, 2019

Digital signage Chicago is in multiple industries, a variety of organizations, even in public schools.   It delivers interactive communication and advertising by enlisting an engaging platform.

Saves Money

In the long run, you will be saving money as you will not be printing traditional posters and paying the shipping fees.  You also don’t have to wait for the printing to finish and be delivered.  The other bonus to digital signage Chicago versus static signage is you can change the information at will whether it is a change due to a rain out or just outdated information.

Creating Buzz

Moving images and digital images will catch a person’s eye and make them look at it versus a stagnant poster in a window.  It will also keep their attention for a few seconds longer than that of a piece of paper.  Schools use digital signage Chicago in the front of the school and grab people’s attention as they drive by.  They highlight the upcoming events and important school reminders.

Environmentally Aware

You are saving paper and being greener by getting information to your client digitally.

Advertising Opportunities

With a digital sign, you can add a stream of revenue by charging advertisers.  Large shopping centers are masters of this, as they have multiple companies advertise on their sign.


On digital signage Chicago, you can also display news, events and charity causes that your company is in support of.  Keep your clients aware of local events over the weekend for them to attend.  It will leave an impression and they will have your company at the forefront of their mind.


Digital Signage Chicago allows to help your marketing team in their goal of businesses branding.  It can also help by internally marketing to inform and motivate employees.


You can schedule the content ahead of time.  It will save you from constantly updating information and saving in errors from a rushed job.  Digital signage Chicago can also be updated daily.  If you are in a restaurant and have daily deals, you can pre-set everything at once and then there is no need for employees to update it daily.

Enhance the Customer Experience

You can entertain customers and/or guests by displaying interactive content on your digital signage Chicago.  It can also act as an extra salesperson or customer representative on a busy day.  It gives the customer something to watch and interact with while they wait.


Digital signage Chicago has a use within your company by updating them via instant news.  It also gives you the opportunity to run different campaigns throughout the day.  If you are a restaurant during work hours, you may run corporate lunch deals, whereas over the weekend family dining out specials.

Promote your business

Digital signage Chicago allows you to upsell and promote specials, sales, promotions, and events.

In Digital Signage Chicago the content is instant!  Whether it is an indoor or outdoor screen, you can display information, photographs, twitter feeds, news channels the list of what you can do to enhance your customer and employee experience is endless.  Contact Commercial Electronic Systems, Inc., to help you find the perfect digital signage product and service for your needs.