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Virtually every business and institution needs access systems of one kind or the other. One cannot employ a person to stand by the door 24×7. It becomes terribly expensive if you have many entrances and it can also be less reliable than a fully automated access control Chicago system.

Typical access control chicago systems

Businesses need to keep their premises fully secured with fire systems Chicago, life safety systems Chicago, and security systems Chicago. Access control is an essential part of the security system since it gives access permissions only to authorized personnel.

One can pick from various types of access control Chicago units such as key code access control in which authorized personnel are assigned different numbers.

Another type is the card based access control system in which the card needs to be swiped. Yet another is biometric access control that uses fingerprint recognition or eyescan. Such access controllers may be linked to doors, a lifting or sliding gate or turnstiles.

Keyless access control systems may be better in that one needs to input a number on the keypad or use fingerprint to gain access and security is much better. Keys can be lost or they can be stolen and used to gain entry.

Benefits of access control systems

  • With the right access controls in place it is possible to have a central monitoring system and know precisely who is where inside the premises. Even visitors may be given temporary access cards and tracked for entry and exit.
  • You know precisely the in and out times of employees.
  • Access to work areas is restricted to only authorized employees thereby increasing security.
  • Access control can also be tied to time attendance and payroll systems thereby reducing cost of HR and improve speed of payroll preparation without any errors.
  • Unauthorized people are kept out and business operations are kept confidential. You can prevent theft and accidents, especially where hazardous chemicals are concerned.

Choosing the right one

It is important to choose access control according to your business type, number of employees and number of entrances as well as capability of programming the unit.

In addition you need centralized monitoring too. Furthermore, it is important that the system be reliable and have full backup support and maintenance.

Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago specializes in offering consultancy and turnkey installations backed by full maintenance support. You get the best system within your budget and superior support.