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October 30, 2018
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When shopping for commercial security systems, you will notice significant variations in the pricing. There are low priced systems and there are high end expensive systems. In between, there are systems that are not cheap but not too expensive either.

If you are new to the whole electronic security system concept one of the first things you will wonder is the reason behind these price variations. To put it simply prices vary according to brands as well as features.

If you are not sure about purchasing an expensive system right at the beginning, you have the option of choosing something more affordable. In many cases, your establishment might not be big enough to require several of the features.

Regardless of your final choice, it should be noted that there is a difference in quality between cheap and expensive systems.

As with any electronic device or technology, the better the quality, the higher the price. It is always tempting to choose the cheapest option but before you do that, here’s looking at the difference between a cheap and an expensive electronic security system.

Lens quality and image resolution

If there is one common factor to all commercial electronic systems then it’s professional monitoring. From a CCTV camera to access control to intrusion detection to fire alarm system, all of these can be monitored in real time.

Some of the systems even offer monitoring ability through a smartphone app. But for the most effective monitoring, the lens quality of the camera and the image resolution need to be good. This is where most cheap electronic security systems cannot deliver.

While larger images can still appear clear smaller images like the face of a person or the number plate of a car can appear pixelated and grainy. If you need advanced identification then you must choose the system with an advanced lens.

Additional features

Commercial electronic systems also offer number of additional features, but they all come at a price. If yours is a smaller upcoming business with not many requirements, you can still make do with a cheaper system.

But when a large organization has a variety of security needs these additional features can be of great help. Motion detection, night vision and analytics are a few of these additional features that only advanced systems offer.


You can choose a self monitored system or have a professional company monitor the system. Self monitored systems come cheaper, but they will require the company to have a separate team to monitor the system.

Getting a professional company to monitor the system is expensive but also offers you the peace of mind that the system is being monitored all the time.

The budget should not come between you and the right commercial security system. Contact CES Complete for security systems at competitive pricing.