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October 25, 2018
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October 31, 2018

There are several types of electronic security systems that you can install in your commercial establishment to protect the space.

An office demands stronger security measures compared to a residential space, and thanks to modern technology, there are various sophisticated and intelligent security measures now available for commercial spaces.

With every passing year commercial security systems have been getting more advanced and adding more features. What was available five years ago has become more intuitive and capable now. Protecting your property is an easy task now with the help of commercial electronic systems.

There are several newer security systems that can take commercial protection to another level. Besides protection, these systems can also be used to enhance brand image and boost efficiency. Five such modern security systems for commercial establishments are:

Customized security systems

The commercial electronic systems are not only used for protection but also customized to match the design of the space and the furniture. Because of the increased demand for security systems in commercial establishments businesses have started to use them to boost their brand image.

It is not unusual to find audio visual systems, CCTV cameras, and digital signage designed to match the look and color scheme of the brand.

Biometric readers

Modern access control systems come with biometric readers. These readers used unique features of a person such as fingerprints or color of the eye to grant or deny access. This feature being almost non pervasive make sure that unauthorized people cannot get entry into a commercial establishment.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is not only used for storage but also for security systems. When security applications are based in the cloud there is no need for additional hardware or servers.

Cloud computing also makes security systems safer and non pervasive, providing business owners with peace of mind. When a security application is hosted on the cloud, it also facilitates the use of wireless systems.

Mobile applications

Security systems can now be monitored from a mobile application on the business owner’s smartphone. This doesn’t require sitting long hours at the monitor to keep a check on the security system or building a separate team to take care of it. This comes as a boon to those always on the move.


Every digital application is being automated, including security systems. Simply set it and forget it, because the system will continue to work and protect your property.