Commercial Security Systems
The Impact of Commercial Security Systems on Businesses
October 17, 2018
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Access Control and Cloud Security
October 23, 2018

Protecting your commercial property with an electronic security system is highly essential. But before you install any such system, you must learn the complexity behind such solutions. Like most products and services utilizing technological innovation, commercial security system also has become more advanced and sophisticated over time.

Developers are constantly adding new features and upgrading the existing ones to make these systems more efficient and reliable. Indeed with such commercial security systems in place business operations have become safer.

As with most other technological solutions security systems also have trends that come and go. For instance, last year the biggest trend in commercial security system was integrating video surveillance with access control.

Video surveillance is mostly done with the help of CCTV cameras placed in different parts of the commercial establishment, while access control involves granting entry to only authorized people. When access control and video surveillance are integrated you cannot only limit access to certain people but also monitor who comes and goes.

On that note let us take a look at some of the top commercial security system trends that you must be abreast of.

Smartphone access

Smartphones are not just a device for communication anymore. They are also equipped with features that are capable of supporting complex software applications.

When you have a security system installed on your commercial establishment you can control and monitor it, from your smartphone itself.

As long as you have Internet connectivity, you can activate or deactivate alarm system, enable or disable the security system and monitor the CCTV cameras from your smartphone. This also allows you to monitor the security system on the go.

Wireless systems

Every electronic device is going wireless and so is the security system. Instead of dragging wires from here to there, wireless technology allows security devices to be placed anywhere within the premises.

This is particularly helpful for those businesses that hire the establishment because there is no requirement of installing or unplugging a bunch of wires.

Integrated systems

Security systems can be very sophisticated, especially when all other technologies are integrated with it.

For example, the audio visual systems, the lights, and the digital signages can all be integrated with the commercial security system. This means that by installing only one system, you get to manage and control all the electronic features in the establishment.

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