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Why Electronic Security Systems Are More Important Than Ever
October 16, 2018
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Top Commercial Security System Trends
October 18, 2018

There are several issues that businesses have to deal with on a daily basis but security should not be one of them. To have complete peace of mind business owners choose to install commercial security systems in their establishment.

Electronic security systems are indeed expensive, but they should be treated as an investment instead of an expense. With the various advantages of an electronic security system, there is not any reason why you should not install one in your commercial establishment.

Business operations have become much safer after the advent of such electronic security systems.

Whether it’s a theft or break in or a fire, security system installed in the establishment will alert the occupants in time and prepare them for danger. Even though there is a certain cost associated with installing and maintaining the system, the benefits you get outweigh the expense.

So how have commercial security systems changed business operations? The following are just some of the ways:

Reduced fraudulent claims and theft

When a security system is installed in the establishment it is constantly monitoring everything that goes on inside the building and around the premises. With all activities constantly under monitoring, there are no way employees can make fraudulent claims against your business.

These can include claims of injuries or damages suffered within the premises. When there is video surveillance, you have proof to figure out if such claims are valid.

Video surveillance and intrusion detection systems also lower the number of thefts. This may involve theft by outsiders or by the employees. With a security system installed in the establishment businesses can save thousands of dollars that would otherwise be lost to theft.

Reduced insurance premium rate

If your company is considered high risk by the insurer, the insurance premiums automatically increase. The risk factor is dependent on how prone the business is to thefts and accidents.

With life safety systems installed in your establishment, instances of theft and injuries drop significantly. When the insurer sees that your company has not had any history of theft, accident or injuries, the insurance premiums are automatically less.

Access control

One of the best features of an electronic security system is access control. This involves permitting only certain people to enter the premises.

This means only the people authorized to enter the establishment we get access and others will not, preventing the unauthorized access of random people. With these features in place you get complete peace of mind that your property and your employees are safe at all times.

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