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October 10, 2018
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October 16, 2018

A commercial security system is not just a legal requirement; it also provides the business owner with greater peace of mind. With a security system installed, it is easier to keep the establishment safe and make the staff feel secure.

There are several types of security systems that a business can choose from, depending upon needs, size, and scale. CES Complete is a trusted name in commercial security systems for over 40 years, offering top-notch technology at competitive prices.

Types of security systems

CES Complete has been providing businesses with a wide range of security solutions for over four decades. If you have a small business with less than 50 employees, an off-the-shelf security system may be purchased to do the job.

But when a large business is involved, it is best to hire a professional company dealing in the commercial security system.

For instance, fire systems can alert you in case of smoke and fire and save lives and valuable assets in time. Fire alarms come with smoke detectors to alert about a fire even before it spreads.

Horns, sirens, bells, and public address systems are the different types of alarms. Sometimes, sprinklers may also come with fire alarm systems.

A security system also often includes technology that promotes convenience. For instance, the audio/visual systems can be used to connect the whole building and help people in different parts of the building communicate easily.

Security systems either come as a whole package or individually. Individual systems include:

  • Electronic lock for premises access control
  • Lighting control and energy management of HVAC systems
  • Fire protection system, heat, water, and entry alarms
  • CCTV cameras for video surveillance

Why choose CES

CES Complete is not only a trusted name offering a wide range of security solutions. The solutions they offer are also low-voltage, so you can use any number of systems around the premises without skyrocketing electricity bills.

From boosting your company’s security to installing a fire system to setting up a professional audio visual system, CES Complete is skilled at all types of solutions.

Affordable, awesome, and reliable, CES not only installs security solutions, but they also provide commercial security advice. If you are in two minds about installing a commercial security system, CES Complete is available for a consultation.

No matter what kind of business you own, for the most affordable and concrete commercial security services, as well as complete peace of mind, come to CES Complete any day.