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Frequently Asked Questions About A Security System
October 9, 2018
Commercial Security Systems
Types of Commercial Security Systems
October 11, 2018

Installing a commercial security system provides immense peace of mind to the business owner and to the staff. When a professional security system company is chosen to design and install the system, it lasts for years with proper maintenance and repair.

A security system usually includes a fire alarm system, intrusion detection system, access control, electronic locks, and CCTV cameras.


They can be installed individually or as a package. If you already have a few of the systems, you do not need to install the entire package. Installing just the few that are aren’t yet present is enough.

Although a commercial security system has a long lifespan, there comes a time when it may need to be upgraded. Choosing to upgrade the system may be a requirement or personal preference.

Reasons to Upgrade

Maybe you want more advanced systems for your commercial establishment or you’ve seen something new in the market and want to try it out. Whatever the reason, upgrading a commercial security system is not unheard of. The top three reasons for choosing to upgrade a security system are:

The system is outdated: It is recommended that a commercial security system be replaced every 10 to 15 years because that’s the shelf life of most technology.

Even with repair and maintenance the security system has all chances of breaking down and malfunctioning after 10 or 15 years. Some systems can even break down before that time. That is why regardless of the state your commercial security system is in it is a good idea to have it upgraded after a certain number of years.

You want the latest technology: Like all technologies, security systems also undergo changes and upgrades very frequently. If you are using a system that is more than 10 or 15 years old, you may consider upgrading the system to keep up with the latest technology. Everytime a technology gets an upgrade, it becomes better and more efficient at protecting your security.

You want to go wireless: Another reason to consider upgrading your security system is for going wireless. A wireless security system is safe from lightning strikes and power surges, and also doesn’t have the risk of hard lines being cut or tampered with.

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