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June 25, 2018
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June 29, 2018

In every building design, the builders, apart from following regulations also exercise extreme caution while designing and deploying fire protection systems. In case of faulty design or implementation, the safety of the building and its occupants are at risk.

This precisely is the reasons why fire safety regulations are strict and need to be followed. Technology today enables architects and builders to implement smart fire safety solutions, and CES Complete is at the forefront in offering these solutions.

Fire protection and commercial electronic system firm like CES Complete, an Illinois-based firm, has extensive experience in offering 360-degree fire protection systems. An overview of the services offered by CES will give you better insights about the latest offerings in the sector.

The Systems of CES

The fire protection systems of CES are detailed, and that includes designing, installation, testing, and inspection of fire alarm systems based on the requirements of the building. All the services of CES are compliant with NFPA regulations, and the companies have smart options for monitoring the alarm systems.

Apart from the alarm system, it also has specialized services including rescue assistance, testing and inspection, PA systems, code upgrades, emergency communication systems, mass notification, and more. In particular, the two services among them as those have more significance in the day-to-day application and safety: mass notification and monitoring.

Mass Notification

The mass notification system of CES is custom-made to address the specific needs of various commercial and residential premises. CES has expert technicians and engineers to design and install even highly complex mass notification systems with instant connectivity to it through various applications.

CES uses the equipment of innovators in engineering such as GE, Valcom, and Edwards System Technologies to create its systems. Effective mass notification systems save thousands of lives, CES puts special attention on the design and implementation of its mass notification in the firm’s fire protection systems portfolio.


CES clearly understands the importance of effective monitoring system of its fire systems. It collaborated with Emergency24 to ensure active monitoring of its fire protection systems. Interestingly, Emergency24 has expert knowledge in monitoring various fire alarm systems and maintains the records of every signal it receives.

The strategic partner also offers supervisory signal monitoring for any sprinkler malfunction as well as tampering issues. Additionally, the systems are capable of tracking even failures in phone lines and drop in wireless communication or losses to ensure seamless monitoring.

If you want to know more about the smart fire protection system solutions that are available, contact experts at CES Complete today.