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June 27, 2018
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Security challenges have increased over the years in public buildings such as schools and hospitals, and even churches. Intercom, Clock and Sound (ICS) systems are a proven and effective solution to minimize risk exposure for the vulnerable segments of population in such buildings.


Dependable Equipment and Service Capabilities


You need to select a provider that has focused expertise as well as experience in the installation, service, testing and inspection of intercom, clock, and sound systems. The provider should also be equipped to provide upgrades and offer preventative maintenance on your existing systems.


The provider should ideally be a dedicated vendor for world-class systems such as Carehawk or another manufacturer of similar outstanding quality standards, reliability and reputation.


Key Attributes to Look For


Look for the following key attributes in the intercom, clock, and sound systems offered by the provider:




The provider should be able to offer you safety communication systems that can tailored to meet the unique requirements of your facility.


State of the Art


The provider should be offering advanced and sophisticated systems (such as Carehawk) that are produced on a cutting edge technology platform to meet the complex security needs of today.




The provider should be able to deliver services and systems that leverage the power of the Internet and your networks to maintain and manage your requirements. Maintenance should be managed on-site and via remote systems, and not requiring you to drive to the facilities.




The intercom, clock and sound system, including services such as installation, servicing, testing and inspection should be competitively price without any compromise on quality. (Systems such as Carehawk are built on distributed technology that allows for up to two-thirds reduction of the field wiring compared to traditional systems.)


User Friendly


The system a provider is offering should have been designed for people, and not engineers. The user interface should be intuitive, and communication devices should be wizard driven to minimize the burden on non-technical users.




The systems should ideally have been manufactured in North America and fully tested for quality before they are installed. Check whether the system comes with a standard warranty of at least five years.

Other Items in Your Checklist for Choosing a Vendor


  • The vendor should be able to provider both IP and analog solutions.
  • For school systems the clocks and bell systems should be integrated. IP systems should include a software updating component.
  • If a system upgrade is not within the current budget, the vendor should be able to provide leasing.
  • If required, the vendor should be willing to include preventative maintenance and service in leasing fees.
  • The vendor should be able to provide a preemptive check of your equipment to avoid emergency calls for sound systems that will be utilized for programs during high points of the year (such as holiday programs, graduation, and various ceremonies.) This will reduce service fees as well.
  • The provider should be able to arrange a CES audit on all equipment that can identify any deficiencies to avoid a crisis situation. These scheduled inspections should also include software updates and training for new personnel, if required.


Sometimes your existing systems may be older and no longer supported. To avoid getting into a situation where you are unable to get parts for these systems, the provider should be able to educate you about the latest upgrades and offer you solutions within your budget.


Comprehensive, timely, and professional customer service is vital, and make sure you choose a vendor who is able to deliver on most or all of the requirements we have listed.