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June 20, 2018
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June 25, 2018

Shows like “CSI” to movies like “Blade Runner 2049” show CCTV being used to clarify facial features from a long way away. It’s true that high resolution CCTV allows you to zoom in on recorded details with great clarity. Just don’t expect them to perform magic. Keep in mind that placement and angle are just as important as resolution, and can often be kinder to your CCTV budget.


High Resolution CCTV Capabilities


High resolution CCTV and recording mean that you can look back on recorded video, pause, and highlight detail at an extraordinary level. This can help you highlight facial features, objects someone might be holding, and even tags on clothing. High resolution finally realizes some of the capabilities that Hollywood’s often assumed CCTV has.


This said, CCTV can’t twist around an object or show it from another angle. It can’t make assumptions about details that are only partially visible. You’d have to have a recording from another angle in order to do that. CCTV presents visual information. It’s still up to you and the police what information this helps guide you toward.


Placement & Angle


This is why we often recommend multiple placements. You could spend a portion of your CCTV budget on the most capable camera ever made…yet if someone commits a crime with their back turned to the camera, the visual information won’t be as valuable as having overlapping coverage with two mid-range cameras.


Don’t sacrifice coverage for quality. You need to find a balance between both. For closed spaces, it’s often more valuable to have additional coverage. Beyond a certain point, extra detail may not provide as much information as a second camera with a different angle.


We’ll sit down with you and map out the ideal coverage for your security, along with each camera’s suggested capabilities. This can fit neatly in your CCTV budget while still providing high resolution CCTV where it will benefit you and your security the most.