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June 15, 2018
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When we install fire alarm systems or emergency alert systems, we do a few additional things for the businesses we serve. First off, it makes sense to ensure your staff are thoroughly trained. New systems can have new interfaces and management tools so that you can run drills or adjust alerts easily. We want to make sure you’re familiarized with how to use them and teach others to use them. We also partner with Emergency24, a fire alarm monitoring service.


Fire Alarm Monitoring


They’re a central station that’s Underwriters Laboratories-listed and FM Global-approved. They maintain auditable records and run regular tests to ensure alarm signals are being properly received and directed. There’s an automatic test signal that’s sent to Emergency24 once per day in order. Think of it as a daily calibration test to ensure perfect operation.


A fire alarm monitoring service like Emergency24 also monitors for failures in hard phone lines and drops in wireless communication. Monitoring these ensures that interruptions in infrastructure can be accommodated so that your signal will still reach them.


When we install fire alarm systems, we also maintain and test them. For instance, fire suppression needs to be adjusted seasonally to ensure lines don’t burst. We also run our own communication tests with Emergency24. On top of this, systems like these can also monitor for carbon monoxide and a range of other gases.


Emergency Contacts


When an alarm triggers, Emergency24 dispatches phone calls according to the law and your specific hierarchy of contacts. This means the local fire department, the property’s contact, and CES. Since we install fire alarm systems for you, maintain, and test them, we can often provide useful information to Emergency24 and first responders. You can also set up a list of contacts to be notified. We always recommend redundancies in these lists – it’s better to over-notify than under-notify since business owners can’t be expected to update these lists with every day off, vacation, or sick day someone takes.


When we install fire alarm systems or emergency alert systems, they go far beyond a ringing bell and a PA system. They incorporate the latest technology for managing alarms, training in that management, daily testing of alarm communication, regular maintenance, a fire alarm monitoring service, and experts you can always call with a question or concern.