Commercial Fire Protection by CES Complete
May 2, 2018
The Importance of Commercial Security Solutions
May 7, 2018

The safety of your commercial facility depends on several factors, but everyone will agree that the fire system is one of the most important among them.

Fire protection systems in commercial buildings are a requirement by law, besides being one of the best ways of alarming the occupants and the neighbors of a fire within the premises. Given how devastating a fire can be, it makes sense as to why fire systems are so essential in a commercial space.

Where you place your fire system makes all the difference. Alarms should be places where they can be heard easily, with nothing blocking them. Hallways and stairways are usually the most common places to put them. Fire protection systems should also be placed away from lights and fans, as the heat and the air can trigger the alarm at wrong times.

The quality of the system is also crucial. Cheap fire systems aren’t long lasting, and go out of order very soon. In that case, they may trigger at wrong times, and not trigger at all in the event of a fire. Such a fire alarm, purchased from a third grade seller or bought off the shelf, are not only a waste of money but also endanger the lives of the occupants of the building.

CES Complete to the rescue

Instead of trusting just about any vendor with commercial fire systems, choose CES Complete, the one stop destination for all commercial security solutions. For over 40 years CES Complete has been providing commercial establishments with high-quality security solutions, be it audio/visual systems or low voltage systems, or other integrated system solutions.

CES Complete partners with Edwards Systems Technologies to deliver top notch alarms that can be customized to fit any establishment.

The services by CES Complete include design and installation, testing and inspection as well as regular monitoring. There are additional facilities like fully addressable systems, alarm monitoring, mass notification, and others delivered by the company.

All-round security solutions

In addition to a quality fire system, there are other systems that make a commercial facility secure. After all, if the employees don’t feel secure at office, why will they come to work? Security cameras, audio visual systems, and electronic locks are some of the services offered by CES Complete to ensure all round security of any office space.

CES Complete provides top notch services at affordable pricing. Contact them today and protect your commercial space from all dangers.