3 Things to Watch Out for When Getting Your CCTV System
April 13, 2018
Commercial Fire Systems Are Critical
May 4, 2018

A fire is no joke. If a fire breaks out in one part of your commercial establishment, it can rapidly spread to other parts of the building without prompt intervention. A fire is always an emergency, and aside from having quality fire systems in place, one must also have a comprehensive commercial fire protection plan.

Certain commercial facilities are more at risk than others. Restaurants and factories are two such establishments where the risk of a fire is so much more than other places. That doesn’t mean other establishments are without any risk.

Any commercial facility comes with its share of fire hazards, and every precaution must be taken to reduce the chances. Holding fire drills, getting your fire protection systems maintained and inspected, and having solid fire prevention protocols in place minimize the losses from a fire.

CES Complete for judicious fire systems

Your fire safety plan begins with a high quality fire protection system in place. A comprehensive fire protection system includes fire alarm, fire sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. All three are also available separately, but one without the other is incomplete.

A fire alarm with alert you about a fire, the sprinkler will help control it, and the extinguisher will help you douse the fire. A professional grade fire system usually includes all three, so that you get complete protection.

If you need a complete fire protection system for your commercial building, look no further than CES Complete, a reliable and astute company that has been delivering premium security solutions for over 40 years.

From designing to installing to testing and maintenance, CES takes all-round care of your commercial fire system. All you have to do is get in touch with the experts at the company and explain your requirements. Everything else is taken care of.

Proper maintenance of fire systems

To ensure that your fire protection system works when needed, it needs to be regularly checked and maintained. If the system doesn’t need to work for a long time, it can go out of order and not work when there is actually a fire. If you don’t the system checked at intervals, you may get a rude shock when you aren’t alerted of a fire in the building.

If you need fire system inspection and maintenance services, do not hesitate to contact CES Complete, a trusted company with over four decades of experience. Whether you need integrated system solutions or audio visual systems, CES Complete takes care of it all.