Commercial Fire Systems Are Critical
May 4, 2018
The Importance of Low Voltage Systems in Corporate Environment
May 9, 2018

Whether you manage a business or run your own, there are several responsibilities that come with the task. One of the most important responsibilities is to ensure the safety and security of the establishment, the occupants, and the assets.

When a commercial facility is concerned, it involves a lot of people and a lot of valuables. Therefore, a complete security solution is vital to the safety of lives and assets.

A wholesome security solution is offered by several outstanding companies, including CES Complete. A trusted company with over 40 years in business, CES Complete has been delivering high quality integrated system solutions to commercial facilities around the country.

The mission and vision of the company is to make every commercial space as safe as possible. There are different solutions available at the company and each has their own unique function in a commercial setting.

Fire system: A fire is devastating, resulting in loss of lives and other valuables. It takes years to rebuild what is lost in a fire. Therefore, a solid fire protection system is what every commercial facility needs. It is a requirement by law to have a proper fire safety system in place and have it upgraded when needed. The system should include a fire alarm, sprinkler, and also an extinguisher, because one is incomplete without the other.

Audio visual systems: Make your workplace look more professional and function more efficiently with the help of audio visual systems. The system includes digital clocks, digital signage, intercoms, public address system, and sound reinforcement. Whether you want to install a projection screen or add background music to the workplace, CES Complete has all the right solutions.

CCTV camera: Stop unauthorized entry, theft and other unethical activities within the premises with the help of a CCTV camera. Even when a theft takes place at the office, it is easier to identify the culprit from the CCTV footage. Irrespective of how big the space is, a CCTV camera is one aspect of commercial security that you must nor ignore.

Intrusion detection system: Also known as burglar alarm, an intrusion detection system is absolutely necessary at places like a jewelry store or a restaurant. At the first attempt of a theft, burglary, or unauthorized entry, the alarm goes off, alerting everyone.

Protecting your commercial space

Regardless of the type of business you own, safety is something that can never be ignored. CES Complete is a leading provider of integrated system solutions. Get in touch for design, install, and maintenance services.