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April 11, 2018
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May 2, 2018

A CCTV system in Chicago works as an excellent crime deterrent. It helps you monitor and protect your business. Robbers and thieves will be less likely to strike if they see cameras. If they are still that bone-headed, then your CCTV system helps you record evidence. Not only this, but CCTV cameras will often result in lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies know your business is better protected with a CCTV system, which means they’re not taking as much of a risk insuring your business. This will often result in a lowered rate.


Just because something is helpful for your business doesn’t mean you should go into it blindly. There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your CCTV system in Chicago.


  1. Be aware of privacy concerns. There are laws for how and where employees can be monitored. You also don’t want to accidentally point a camera at a home in a way that would violate someone else’s privacy.


  1. An effective CCTV system is all about placement and coverage. Cameras at the entrances are important. Coverage across an interior, and of the exteriors is crucial. But you don’t need three cameras all pointing at the same spot. Effective coverage spreads your cameras out so that they overlap, keeping the camera count reasonable through efficient placement.


  1. While CCTV cameras serve as a deterrent for crime, they cannot stop it entirely. CCTV cameras give you a deterrent, and a record of evidence, but they aren’t a guarantee that you’re safe from all crime. Take additional sensible measures, such as good employee security practices, performing background checks and checking references, and implementing good cash practices and reporting in your business.


A CCTV system in Chicago will encourage many criminals to look elsewhere. We’ve worked with many businesses on security infrastructure, and we’ll be happy to assess the security needs of your business and design a CCTV plan for you.