Training is the Key to Effective Security
March 2, 2018
Hold Up Alarms: Wired or Wireless?
March 7, 2018

Hold up alarms in Chicago are useful to a range of stores and businesses. They work as you’d expect. You press a hidden button, an alarm service is notified, and they dispatch the police. It can be as simple as that if that’s what you want, but there are additional options that can give you more flexibility to help you handle a dangerous situation.


On-Site Staff


Some facilities with access control have their own security. For these, you can implement a hold up alarm so that it notifies your security instead of the police (or as well as the police). From there, your security can respond to the situation, or they can notify the police if this is the appropriate course of action. This allows many facilities to maintain their tight access control and to handle situations that may not rise to the level of requiring police intervention.


Trigger Options


It could be a hidden button, sure. Yet many robbers will know to look for this and will keep a sharp eye on your hands. In this case, a button that can be hit with the knee may be preferable. You may also want one that can be pressed with a foot. Just make sure staff know what to avoid hitting when there isn’t an emergency.


If you’re dealing with tills, you can also include a fold of cash in a clip that’s wired to the alarm. Staff can know never to pull that cash – except in the case of a robbery, in which case the natural act of pulling the cash out will trigger the alarm.




You can also include a variety of codes. A normal code can disarm the alarm, but what if robbers want you to enter that code? Without their knowing, you can enter a duress code, which shuts down the alarm but alerts your monitoring service that something is very wrong. The duress code allows police to know that you intentionally entered a code that signals danger, and this allows them to respond more knowledgeably.


Hold up alarms in Chicago offer a lot of useful options to keep your staff and business safe. Consider them and make sure your set-up is perfect for your business and its needs.