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February 28, 2018
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March 5, 2018

When you install a new CCTV system in Chicago, or a new access control system, you can’t just flip through a manual and be ready. Every system has its own strengths and weaknesses that are discovered through experience. Your personnel operating the system can’t get everything right on Day 1 by themselves. They need a bit of training.

Implement, Don’t Just Install


We take a slightly different approach to installing CCTV and access control systems. We don’t believe you just install a system and walk away. You have to implement the system. This means that if you have personnel that need some training or walk-through to ensure they can hit the ground running, we’ll stick around and give it to you.


We do this to a reasonable extent; we can’t let our experts disappear forever. Yet we know that if you don’t know how to use the system just yet, and we don’t help you, you won’t be happy with the system out of the gate. That’s not something we want. You need to know how to operate it smoothly.
Gaining Strengths

There’s another component to this. The longer you’re learning how to implement a system, the longer it takes for you to adapt it in ways that are unique to your business. Every business will identify a strength or capability in their new systems that makes their jobs more efficient and more secure. For different businesses with different needs, they’ll each identify and focus on utilizing different capabilities. They’ll each adapt it to their business in nuanced ways.


However, you can’t get started on this process of really focusing on a system’s strengths until you get that elementary, foundational ability to operate it down. The faster we can get you familiarized with that basic, everyday operation, the faster you can begin to really take advantage of the capabilities that best match your business.


For these reasons, it only makes sense to provide training where it’s needed on a CCTV system in Chicago, or a new access control system. Part of the installation process should be implementation. When we come back for the maintenance checks we provide, we can also touch base and see if there’s anything more you need to know. And of course, you can also always call with a question. We believe a good system features good training as well as good technology.