Hold Up Alarm Options
March 5, 2018
Understanding Motion Sensors for Security
March 9, 2018

When it comes to Chicago hold up alarms, are there advantages to a wired alarm or wireless alarm? Both have clear benefits that can make them good fits for a business. It’s really not a case of right and wrong choice, but rather two good choices. The simple fact is that having a hold up alarm of any sort is better than having none at all.


Installation: Wired alarms will require more installation than wireless ones. Cabling is more reliable but also has a higher cost. That wiring will also need to be hidden, so that robbers aren’t made to think about a wired alarm. This said, most Chicago hold up alarms installation prices are pretty reasonable.


Dependability: Both are very dependable. Wireless alarms will need battery replacement. If you forget to do this, the alarm won’t work as intended. If you’re forgetful about these kinds of things or can’t rely on your staff to do it, wireless may be preferable.


Mobility: Wireless alarms can be moved more easily. If you change the layout of your store, it’s easy to re-set where you place a wireless alarm. This gives you more flexibility than wired alarms have.


Performance: Here, we’re talking more about signal. Wired alarms will always get a strong signal. There’s not much to worry about with wireless alarms, but if there’s any disturbance to the wireless signal, you might not have as strong a signal.


Conclusion: Both have strengths and every business is different. You’re getting a good safeguard either way. You can also mix and match. You can make either system run off electricity and give it a battery backup just in case, eliminating some of the dependability drawback to wireless. Consult a security solutions company that’s installed Chicago hold up alarms for other area businesses about what fits best for you.