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February 26, 2018
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March 2, 2018

Outdoor digital signage is usually pretty easy to assess. This is because you look at it every time you drive in or out of the store. It’s gigantic because it’s meant to be seen from far away. It’s actually more mechanically complex than indoor digital signage, but because you look for it and see it, you’re used to assessing it more often.


Regular Assessments


Indoor digital signage can use the same regular assessments, but we’re sure you’ve noticed in your errands that many stores leave cracked or disconnected displays out and take forever to fix them.


This communicates a lack of care to customers. Indoor digital signage works so well because it’s sleek and effective. In an indoor area lit chiefly by artificial light, these digital signs can act like beacons drawing customers in to their advertisements. That is, unless the screen’s cracked or the sign is having connection issues.


You know how problems get overlooked. A half dozen employees pass the problem over the course of the day, but because their official duty is something else, they figure it’s not their problem. Someone else will get to it. Sooner or later, the problem’s been there, unaddressed and unreported, with customer after customer perceiving an inattention to care. They’ll transfer that interpretation both to your store and to the product advertised on that screen.


Easy to Fix


The frustrating part is that nine times out of 10, it’s going to be an easily corrected problem. A PC went to sleep, or online connection dropped. Somebody spilled something on the screen. An issue that took 10 seconds to correct shouldn’t cost you effective advertising on one of your indoor digital signs for a day.


Make a quick assessment of your digital signs a part of one employee’s everyday job. It doesn’t take long, they’ll probably appreciate the quick break to walk around, they can feel proud there in charge of an assessment process, and for the most part they won’t come across a problem. Yet for the one time they do, it shouldn’t cost you a day’s advertising on that sign for something that could be fixed in a moment’s effort.


Indoor digital signage is as effective as outdoor digital signage. Just make sure you value taking care of it as highly.