Stay Active in Managing Your Digital Signage
February 23, 2018
Is Your Indoor Digital Signage Effective?
February 28, 2018

Your digital signage is a strong step toward increased advertising capabilities. You can now communicate to more people in a way that catches more eyes. Digital signage is an answer to an advertising problem and it serves that purpose very well. There’s no problem with utilizing digital signage only as an advertising tool.


You could also use it for more, though. Digital signage can be a gateway to other technologies that help connect customers to your business. You can integrate digital signage with apps to boost the interaction customers have with your brand. For instance, at the mall, utilize digital signage for wayfinding. A customer can use a digital kiosk to look up a route to a store. The digital kiosk can suggest downloading an app, which the customer can then use to transfer the navigation to their phone. This is tracked and updated through an indoor positioning system.


Here, you’ve combined three straightforward technologies: digital signage, a phone app, and an indoor positioning system (IPS). In so doing, you’ve created a new way for the customer to interact with your business. Using the IPS, you can gather data that helps you analyze customer behavior (make sure to gain permission through the app’s end-user license agreement first).

You’ve just used digital signage as a gateway for customer interaction in a way that helps both the customer and you. Depending on the complexity of the app, you can even have it use the IPS to suggest routes and customer-relevant sales along the way.


The app can, in turn, give new reasons to stop by your digital kiosks. Checking in at a digital kiosk can give them a coupon or other incentive through the app, thus boosting your digital signage’s customer engagement. There’s a long list of incentives that can help a customer create an effective cycle that maximizes their interaction between your digital signage, apps, and other tools.


Digital signage is plenty effective on its own as an efficient and eye-catching advertising tool. If you wish, you can also use it to encourage customers to use a variety of other tools that keep them engaged with your business.