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January 29, 2018
4 Ways to Keep Indoor Digital Signage Accessible
February 1, 2018

There are a number of uses for indoor digital signage aside from simply advertising. Yes, digital kiosks are effective at advertising and you should absolutely use them for that. You’re missing some of the opportunity to connect with customers if you’re only using them for advertising, though.


Keep in mind that in today’s world, people have become very good at tuning out advertising. Digital kiosks can be used for more. They can make potential customers feel better informed, more satisfied, and even safer. If they can look to digital kiosks with that in mind, they’re willing to accept the advertisements that are also shown on them instead of tuning them out. What else can you use this type of indoor digital signage for?


  1. Navigation. This is the simplest and most straightforward manner of utilizing digital kiosks outside advertising – but it still works. People feel relieved when they can find their way around better. It decreases their stress, which means more time to feel at ease and look for shopping opportunities. The better someone can find their way around an area, the more stores they’ll plan along their route. Interactive way-finding on a digital map can even help them plan a route that hits multiple stores along the way.


  1. Information. There’s a fine line between information about food and entertainment and advertising for it. Many people will look to kiosks for a specific solution: where to find a certain type of food, what movies are playing nearby. You can partner with nearby businesses to share information in a straightforward manner. This will reinforce advertising for these businesses as well.


  1. Lost & Found. You can quickly communicate a photo or description of a lost object to all your digital kiosks. If someone’s lost something, they could even type it in and customer services can let them know if they have it.


  1. Security. Digital kiosks can be used to increase security. These circumstances are rare. You don’t want to post pictures of every shoplifter on these. Aside from murky legal waters, that would only make people scared. Instead, use digital kiosks to amplify emergency warnings. You can quickly spread an amber alert in an area so that everyone will start paying attention. You can notify people of a tornado watch or nearby fire. This helps people be safer and watch out for each other a little better.