Re-connecting to Customers with Digital Signage Kiosks
January 30, 2018
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February 2, 2018

One of the barriers to indoor digital signage is over-complicating how it’s used. This goes for both customers and businesses. If a business over-complicates how it implements indoor digital signage, they’ll become frustrated with it. If customers feel its nature is overwhelming, they’ll simply choose not to deal with it. Digital signage for business is powerful, and like any tool it has to be employed properly to get the most out of it.


  1. Implementation. You may want to shoot for the moon with indoor digital signage. That’s great, but you can’t get there in a single leap. You have to take steps, making sure you understand the technology behind it. Make every step usable by both your business and customers. When we install digital signage, we often help do some initial training to ensure you and your employees are familiar with how to use it.


Like anything in business, every step builds the foundation for the next step. Run tests for implementations, get input from employees, and even ask how loyal customers feel about how you’re using it.


  1. Customer accessibility. You can employ a great approach to digital signage for business that still loses the customers and makes them confused. Customers will accept or reject changes fairly quickly. Step one is about keeping your implementation of various campaigns and tools simple for you. Step two is about making sure the experience itself is accessible for customers. It must be simple for them, too. Don’t overwhelm them. Simplify every step to make their experience streamlined.


  1. Customer usability. They like a tool you’ve implemented via indoor digital signage. It’s simple and easy to use. They use it regularly. Now how to you grow it? How do you maintain interest in it? This is about taking that next step, connecting what they can do on digital signage to their own devices.


  1. Customer connection. Ultimately, digital signage for business should be about making people feel more connected, not less so. We’re talking about touch tables for games at restaurants, wayfinding in malls, apps for your brand that encourage socializing. This kind of approaches are what last and grow because they ultimately connect your business to helping people connect. This is what sets good indoor digital signage apart from just being another screen for ads.