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January 26, 2018
Re-connecting to Customers with Digital Signage Kiosks
January 30, 2018

Outdoor digital signage in Chicago gets exposed to some pretty harsh winter elements. The cold, snow, freezing rain, and ice can all impact digital signage. For that matter, it does a number on traditional signs, too. Digital signage is a great investment, but an investment should be monitored and protected.


Digital Signage in Winter


Potential stumbling blocks that can crop up with digital signage in Winter include components freezing, water penetrating into hardware, ice creating condensation as it melts, and damage by snow drifts. Yet as you drive around, you probably notice that a number of businesses keep their digital signage going just fine throughout winter. What’s their secret?


A big part of it is the company with whom you work. When nothing goes wrong, it doesn’t matter who you got your digital signage from or whether they maintain it. Digital signage in Chicago needs better service than that, though. It’s Chicago in winter. Something always goes wrong, and we’re not just talking about the Bears. A car won’t start, a pipe freezes, someone slips. You know people who will capably and swiftly help you in each of these situations: a mechanic, a plumber, a doctor.


Working with Someone You Trust


The same goes for digital signage in Chicago. That’s why we regularly serve maintenance calls. We don’t just install something and never show up again. We check in regularly, and run maintenance checks for you. We can identify vulnerabilities before they happen and fix problems swiftly when they crop up. This is why schools, stadiums, malls, and various businesses have entrusted us with components ranging from digital signage to fire alarm systems to CCTV systems.


For digital signage in Chicago, you might need custom enclosures to regulate temperature, or a closed loop air system to repel water. These aren’t complicated things that cost an arm and a leg, either. They’re sensible precautions to take. We often utilize these in the digital signage we design because it makes it more effective. Digital signage is a great investment. We can build it so that it’s resilient, and we’ll help you protect it down the road.