Partner to Monetize Digital Signage in Chicago
January 25, 2018
Maintaining Digital Signage in Winter
January 29, 2018

Use your digital signage to convey information. Some of the best advertising isn’t really about convincing people why they should get something. It’s about why you like it and find it interesting, or cool, or useful.


The Grocery Store Example


Think of it this way, using an example we’re all familiar with: a grocery store. That store can advertise a sale on chicken, or milk, or produce on its digital signage and get people in the door, yes. Yet these are items you as the store owner already know many customers will need. What about a cake your bakery makes? What about fresh salmon in your meat department?


These aren’t things that most people will get, so advertising them won’t necessarily convince them to change their desires – even if there’s a good price on each. Instead, talk about the long years of experience your baker has, or a new confection they had their family taste-test, or that you only use free-range eggs. Keep the details truthful and accurate to your baker and your store, but now we’re not really talking about cake, we’re talking about a story. Everyone wants to hear the story attached to something.


For that salmon, feature where it came from, or how it was sustainably farmed and how that helps wild salmon. You need to be concise; you can’t write a book on a digital sign. You can feature snippets of information that interests people, that gets them to start talking. You can also give them conversational prompts. What kind of cake do you like? What’s your favorite fish?


Authenticity and Excitement


It works for more than just food, too. What made you first want to get into law? What are some brief facts about the history of dentistry? What’s the most exciting antique that passed through your store? Younger generations are favoring honesty and authenticity, emotion and connection. If there’s something about your business that fascinates and excites you, share it. It doesn’t matter if it’s salmon or law or carpentry. If there’s something about it that you find exciting, that will excite other people, too. It’s easy to advertise to the people who are going to walk in the door anyway. A digital sign gives you the opportunity to connect to those who might not have thought of it otherwise.