Why Access Control is Necessary for Offices
January 24, 2018
Use Your Digital Signage to Inform
January 26, 2018

Digital signage in Chicago is a terrific way to advertise your business. People’s attention is captured by digital signs in a way that it isn’t captured by traditional signs anymore. We’re trained to see digital screens in the world, and our eyes will prioritize reading moving and changing images over static ones.


Monetizing Your Ad Space


This creates an opportunity to monetize digital signage as well. There are some reasons a business may not be able to get a digital sign. Perhaps they want to test the impact of the technology before committing to a digital sign for themselves. Perhaps the location they’re in only allows so much signage and other businesses have snapped this up with their own digital signage. Or maybe the location doesn’t allow digital signage and a business wants to grab some signage down the road where it is allowed. Alternately, maybe a business already has a digital sign of their own at their location, but they want to feature their advertising on other digital signs to extend the physical reach of their advertising.


There are a number of reasons why businesses want to jump in on digital signs and get a little space and advertising time. For businesses that already own digital signs, this is a great monetizing opportunity.


Split Time Up However You Want


You can feature your own advertising on a sign, but if you don’t have enough material or you want to monetize digital signage, you can rent out time on your digital sign to other businesses. You can come up with a rate yourself depending on what you want to feature. You can split time half and half, or contract with multiple other businesses.


Perhaps you take 20 seconds every minute, and four other businesses get 10 seconds apiece every minute. You can rent 10 seconds of someone else’s ad for every minute your ads are up, or a minute of other businesses’ ads for every 10 seconds yours is up. There can be different prices for static ads vs. moving ads, and you can change rate depending on the time of the day and how much traffic there is seeing the ad.


You’ll want to make sure that whatever ad you’re putting up is something that you feel comfortable with appearing on your ad space. Digital signage in Chicago isn’t just an expense. It can actually be a money-making investment, as well as helping your business be a leader for other businesses in the community.