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June 19, 2017
4 Ways Digital Signage Can Help Boost Your Business
June 21, 2017

What is Digital Signage?

What is digital signage Joliet? It’s a way of displaying messages via TVs, digital displays, and digital billboards. It’s much easier to set up than you might think. Businesses that use digital signs can easily set themselves apart from businesses that still rely on old, weather-worn signs.

People Read Differently Today

People are used to getting information in a very different way today. We get information from our phones in different displays. When we read information, we often pick out the important words first – we read much faster than we used to as well. Even when we watch the news, we watch the scrolling information on the bottom about other news stories.

We’re used to scrolling, digital information and we come to expect it – it catches our eye and we can quickly pick up what we need from it. This is why digital signage Joliet  can be much more effective than older signs in communicating a message.

You Can Change a Digital Signage Joliet

Digital signs can easily be changed to convey different information. New messages can be typed into display control software so that you can feature a current sale or change your store’s tagline. You can acknowledge holidays, wish graduates good luck, and even use your sign to warn about bad weather.

These kinds of changes convey that your business isn’t static, and that it acts as part of the community. This in turn encourages customers to be loyal, engage with you, and talk about your business to others.

Increase in Quality

Let’s face it, trotting out the same old, beat up “Sale” signs doesn’t excite customers the way it once could. Today, you need to capture their attention. Digital signs allow you to keep design and messages fresh. Manufactured signs can’t be changed or adjusted. To save money on these, you may invest in cheaper signs that can be changed, but show their age and wear very quickly. When people see that, they transfer the idea of age and wear onto the store as well.

Digital signs always display a clean image, are weather-resistant, and are easy to maintenance. With a digital sign, you essentially have an infinite number of messages that you can convey, without showing wear or betraying the age of the sign itself.