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June 20, 2017
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June 22, 2017

4 Ways Digital Signage Can Help Boost Your Business

Digital signs can be large or small. They can trumpet your business to everyone who passes by or just convey information at a single place. Let’s focus on what large signs can do for your business. What are different ways to use them beyond basic advertising? How can you use digital signage to build the strength and identity of your business both to customers and among employees?


You can help boost the signal of important news: weather & weather events, traffic, and celebrating accomplishments within the local community. This helps customers think of your business as a reliable pillar of the community, a place they can look to for information they need. That helps them view your business as stable, useful, and a comfortable place to go to.

Quickly Move Product

You can easily convey new information about products, from new supply to ways that the product can be used. If you have something in high demand and you just got a new shipment, you can let people know now’s the time to come in to get it…along with anything else they need, of course. If you’re trying to move something with low demand, you can feature new ways to use it that might not have occurred to customers.

Build Events

Build up sales well before they happen. Create anticipation. One of the advantages of digital signage is that you can change the message as often as you’d like. Create countdowns to sales so that people perceive them as an event.

Build Identity

Because you can change messages so often, use your digital signage to tell a little about your business’s history. Use it to celebrate employees’ birthdays. They’ll feel acknowledged and valued with their name up in lights. Highlight your employee of the month, and congratulate employees on accomplishments outside the business. Maybe someone had a baby, or got their degree, or raised a lot of money for a charity. Build your business’s identity not just to the customers outside, but within your own organization as well.