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November 16, 2018
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The world’s topmost audio visual systems are a delight to behold as they unfailingly bring the audio-video experience to life.

The sheer brilliance and sharpness of the images along with crystal clear sound make presentations, video conferencing, live broadcasts, and watching television programs or films a most delightful experience.

The trend today is more towards using computerized audio visual systems as a tool for education through overhead projection equipment or interactive whiteboard technology.

Types of audio visual systems

Audio visual systems are broadly classified into two types: Residential and commercial

Residential audio visual systems comprise in-ceiling speakers, projectors, flat panel TVs  and projector screens. These also include blinds, lighting and cinema rooms.

Commercial audio visual systems are designed to cater to larger audiences and to cover wider areas.

The multibillion-dollar commercial audio visual industry encompasses plethora of dedicated and highly trained technology managers, manufacturers, systems integrators, dealers, programmers, consultants and presentations professionals who work in tandem to deliver the highest quality equipment that money can buy.

To appropriately set up commercial audio visual systems can be time consuming and tedious because of the complexity of the process.

Senior executives of the larger corporations with multiple offices and operations around the world may want video conferencing facilities to have meetings with their overseas colleagues, clients, and vendors.

This multiple point of contact, however, needs perfect balancing, particularly the audio and microphone pattern, failing which the sound and image quality could be affected.

Future of audio visual systems

Audio visual systems have now become an inextricable part of society and our day to day lives. Be it in education, business, defense, government, retail environments, healthcare, entertainment, sports hospitality, museums and restaurants, video, web, data and audio-conferencing, control and command centers, and digital signage are becoming the order of the day.

On top of this, in corporate events and concerts, the use of highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art audio visual systems have become absolutely critical.

A recent survey has shown that the global audio visual industry is set to grow by 240% in the year 2030 and this would largely be due to the increased demand for computerized and networked audio visual systems based on integrated IT and audiovisual technology.

Moreover, the three prime markets for audio visual equipment would be education, business, and IT as conferencing technologies advance more. The home audio visual segment too, is expected to grow by nearly 50% by 2030.