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June 11, 2018
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June 15, 2018

Are you struggling with digital signage ideas? The technology is incredibly useful. It’s been proven time and again to capture more attention than traditional signage. Our eyes are trained to focus on digital screens and read what’s there before we’ve even thought about whether we want to. This makes for tremendously effective advertising. Even so, you need to turn that attention into curiosity and interest. Here’s how to do so with digital signage advertising:


Getting Customers to Pay Attention


How many times have you hit the “Skip Ad” button on YouTube? As attention-grabbing as something is, we can still train ourselves to ignore it. Traditional signage is easier to tune out than digital, but that doesn’t mean your digital signage ideas should be free from effort.


Our ability to tune out ads is why movie trailers have started putting exciting shots in the first five seconds, before you can skip a YouTube ad and before the trailer technically starts. You essentially see a trailer for the trailer you’re about to watch. Here’s the thing – it works.


Experiment with your digital signage. Unlike a video online, you can’t control when someone starts watching. They might look up and see your digital signage in the middle of an ad. Test what your advertising looks like from the middle instead of the beginning, or at the end. Does it still grab your attention? Does catching the end of the ad make you want to wait to see it loop around again?


Getting Customers to Invest Interest


When you develop digital signage ideas, think about the advertising that you’d stick around to watch. It often contains a cute or endearing story, or a clever joke you enjoy hearing over again. Maybe it’s for something in which you have particular invested interested – either a brand you love or information you need to hear. What makes us stick around to watch advertising is an investment of interest in the ad.


In that way, an ad’s like a sale. The customer pays in attention, interest, and even word of mouth. To close that sale, you need to convince them to make that payment. Don’t retain their attention and they’ll walk away. Close them on the idea that they want or need to watch the rest of the ad, and the attention they pay will lead them to your store and greater interest in your products. Digital signage advertising should be interesting, different from what you see elsewhere, relevant to your customers, and worth seeing twice.