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June 6, 2018
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June 11, 2018

Many access points at facilities aren’t directly attended by personnel. There can be many reasons for this, from conserving staff to protecting these personnel from potential dangers. For this, you combine three separate systems a security installation company provides into one: access control, CCTV camera, and intercom.


This doesn’t mean we cram together systems that weren’t designed to work together. There are systems already made that combine these various elements efficiently. The goal is that you can utilize an everyday system that’s easy to use and low on maintenance. After all, simplicity gives your personnel more control over the situation, making both the technology and your trained security personnel harder to undermine. Things you should look for out of these systems include:


  1. Effective remote access control. Intercoms mean you’re managing from a central office. Perhaps you’re even judging whether to grant access from your smart phone because you’re off-site. You need access control that can be centrally or remotely managed.


  1. This means you also need the system to automate recording entries and exits. It’s a simple thing to establish a system of record for this kind of access control. This makes these entries and exits auditable and can make looking up the corresponding CCTV camera footage incredibly easy. This makes security reviews easy and protects you from liability.


  1. You need both sides of the conversation recorded, so you know what the guest said and you know what your security said. This can cut down on misunderstands. Make sure you follow local law in regards to recording employees in security situations. Don’t just start recording everything your employee does; keep it to what’s security-related.


  1. Access control will always be hardwired, but CCTV and intercom components can be wired, IP, or a combination of both. There are advantages to each. Make sure you don’t just go with whatever your provider offers. Investigate both options to determine what’s best for you.


  1. Make sure your personnel is trained by your security installation company. When we install security components, we make sure your personnel gets training. An efficient access control system with CCTV and two-way audio will only work as well as the personnel using it. If they’re spending their first months figuring it out, that exposes you to risk. We’ll familiarize you with the system and you can always call to ask any additional questions you have.