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June 4, 2018
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June 8, 2018

There’s a temptation when you’re investing in advertising technology. Rather than stick with a cohesive set of technologies, you try to branch out and involve every version that’s available. You think this will allow you to present a strategy that follows multiple approaches, but instead it can create more work and quickly become counter-productive. When you’re using digital signage for advertising, for instance, it’s important to streamline everything you do on the back-end.


Visual & Interactive Consistency


Think of it this way. You walk into store. Each digital signage installment they have is different from the last – different brand, model, shape, presentation, layout. This doesn’t seem professional; it seems haphazard. Even if a great deal of effort has gone into offering so many technological options, it just comes across to the customer as cobbled together.


It’s much more effective to use the same pieces of technology. Stick to the same size screens and layouts across different digital signage. If you shift to a new model, keep it consistent with the old models you’re still using. This results in a consistent presentation, and makes it easier and less confusing for customers to approach your digital signage.


Streamlining Work Flow


Think of the back end, too. You’re doing work to implement an advertising strategy across all your digital signage. If you’re implementing it across brands, models, sizes, and layouts you know, then if a problem crops up, you can solve that problem effectively across all your screens. That’s streamlined digital signage for advertising.


Yet if you’re working with a hodge-podge of brands, models, screens, and layouts, then you’ll have to solve a problem for every combination you’re running. Rather than solving it once and implementing it across every screen easily, you’re solving it for every different screen, and trying to make program and screen communicate effectively. That’s not an efficient use of your time.


Digital signage installment makes a huge difference in your advertising. It’s much more effective than traditional advertising, but that doesn’t make it magical. You still need to make the technology you use cohesive. That communicates consistency to customers and it streamlines the amount of work you have to do.