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May 23, 2018
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May 28, 2018

A wireless nurse call system can be more than a communication system. It’s valuable enough as a system that enables fuller communication so that staff is more flexible and efficient, but you can also use it to improve service and accountability. When a call comes in, the system can record a wealth of information that allows you to identify problem areas and improve medical response training.


Shape of the Event: Which resident called? Where did they call from? When was the call? This is all basic information that can be easily recorded. It shapes whatever the call was about, from a simple need for assistance to a pressing emergency.


It can help shape mapping of where calls are likely to come from at different points of the day. This can help you better assign staff and resources.


Quality of the Response: Knowing which staff member took the call creates accountability. If there’s a question about the incident later from yourself or from a resident’s family, you have an easily accessible record of who to ask.


Better yet, you can log the time it took to respond, and the length of time spent with the resident. This can inform you who might need to improve response times through training, and who rushes through patients’ needs too quickly. With this information, you can identify tendencies that need re-training, employees who need to adjust their response style, or procedures that need streamlining.


Satisfaction with the Response: If you wish, you can even assess the satisfaction residents have with a response. This can go even further. Are medical needs addressed in a reasonable time frame? Is there a resident who your employees try to avoid or procrastinate around? Does a certain medical response take too long because of resource positioning?


By better recording and streamlining with a wireless nurse call system, you can create accountability that makes your job and your employees’ jobs easier and less stress. This can improve the satisfaction of residents and their families alike.