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May 21, 2018
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Digital signage in Chicago doesn’t have to be polite. In fact, sometimes it shouldn’t be. Too often, businesses treat digital signage too much like traditional signage. It advertises a business, highlights the brand, and gives some information or pricing. That’s not anything traditional signage can’t do. Digital signage is appealing because our eyes have been trained to seek out digital screens, yes, but it’s engaging because it can do things that traditional signage can’t do.


Prompting Interaction & Sharing


Digital signage can ask people to leave reviews right then and there. Customers are finished and walking out of a restaurant, or they’re on their way out of a retail store? Digital signage can ask them to leave a review. It can tell them if they want to leave a review, here’s how. This can prompt toward interactivity with their phones that goes to the restaurant or store’s Yelp or Facebook page.


Customers can still say no to this and walk on by, so you’re not being pushy. Yet many customers will stop and follow the prompt. In fact, this is a good place to encourage reviews because they’re still in the location. They’ll want to be polite and they’ll remember a good experience more.


Incentivize Response


By highlighting your online portal through digital signage, you can also allow them to like, follow, re-tweet, whatever it might be. You can even incentivize this. Leave a review and get a voucher or coupon. Just make sure you abide by the review site’s rules. You can’t reward only for good reviews, for instance. But chances are if someone is encouraged by a voucher, they want to return and this means their experience was favorable.


Social media sharing can make or break businesses. When people are willing to share publicly that they like something, they’ll stand by it and encourage others to try it.


Assertiveness, not Rudeness


Now, when we say be assertive and that you don’t have to be polite, we don’t mean to be rude (unless you’re Ed Debevic’s). We’re just saying that you don’t have to fawn or plead. Digital signage in Chicago is more appealing when it gets to the point and tells you what it wants. If you’re looking for something from the customer, then cut to the point.


You can do this happily and cheerfully, but if you plead for it the customer will walk on by and might even lower their opinion of your business. Just be straight up: “We’d like you to leave a review!” is much better than “Won’t you please leave us a review?”